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Cancel researching the Ohio State's Offense. Turn off the random Spread videos you're watching on YouTube. Take "research Big Time College Schemes" off your to-do list for good. 

And instead...

Use this Simplified eBook Bundle to FORCE the defense to defend the entire field....

...and to ALWAYS have the perfect play called.

The Simplified eBook bundle covers how to install a simplified Air Raid offense AND how to run the Pin and Pull RPO.


Get access to a never before released clinic on the Pin and Pull RPO.

Simplified eBook Bundle Covers:

3 of my best selling eBooks

A never before released clinic on the Pin and Pull RPO...and how to run it if you don't have the players

An easy way to install a simple Air Raid Offense

The simple adjustment to make to Pin and Pull when defenses play man to man

The easiest way to run the Y-Stick concept

A little secret to maximizing your TAGS.

Cut Ups to use for teaching purposes

...and more

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